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Dr Soji Swaraj

Dr Soji SwarajDr Swaraj is a consultant endocrinologist and metabolic physician at concord hospital and teaches/supervises students at the universitiy of Sydney, UNSW and UWS.

He sees referrals in Australia and overseas in his areas of expertise: PCOS , Diabesity and Metabolic syndrome As well as these and general endocrinology issues, he has the following special interests:

  1. Early Career Diabetes strategies as well as Quality of life the elderly diabetic.
  2. Insulin resistance and PCOS strategies in elite athletes and prevention of illness when they retire from competition
  3. Endocrine evaluation of all people with multiple or severe concussions for pituitary insufficiency

Patients can request an appointment on PH:46281122 or

Referring Doctors can email their Mobile number to him on  if they would like him to phone back with any urgent endocrine advice

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