Biomechanics is the analysis and assessment of human movement. It is an important tool that helps determine the causes and risk factors of sports injuries, lower limb pain, running injuries and back or leg pain that has not been relieved with standard care. Sports Physicians are trained in the biomechanical analysis for walking, running, cycling and various sporting techniques.

Biomechanical analysis includes:

  • Taking a comprehensive history to understand the type of injury or pain
  • Performing a physical examination that includes assessment of flexibility, muscle strength and imbalances, range of motion at a joint, leg length and posture in order to reveal the effects of these on an injury
  • Liaising with other clinicians such as physiotherapists, coaches, trainers and podiatrists to advise on appropriate interventions such as taping, orthoses, footwear and technique correction to aide recovery from injury and also prevention of further injuries


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